Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DIY * No Sew* Yarn Hairbow

I was trying out knitting (updates on that later) and I gave up on it because I couldn't even cast on but then I thought, " what about non- knittters, what do they do with yarn?" and I just needed a bow so let me stop blathering and get on with the tutorial!

1. Take the end of your yarn and place it in the middle ( *ish* ) of your hand.

2. I wrapped mine around my 4 fingers about 7-8 times.

3. When you are happy with the thickness of your bundle, leave about 2 inches or so of yarn and then cut it.

4. Since you wrapped the yarn around 4 fingers, split them so that your ring finger and pinky are on one side and the middle finger and pointer finger are on the other side.

5. Stick the yarn in the gap you made with your fingers.

6. The reason i say a loose knot is because I tried to tie a tight one and the bundle unraveled.

7. After the first loose knot, you can tie the other 2 tighter.

8. Stick a bobby pin in there.

* Finished product!*

Ahaa, I'm not comfortable with showing my face so I blurred it out.

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