Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Would Go Lesbian For...

Haha,most of you are probably thinking " What? I thought she was straight!" I am. I'm straight as a stick. ( If you're gay, or lesbian or bisexual however, I have nothing against you and good for you! )

I Would Go Lesbian For...Demi Lovato

Most of you probably know her story and how she went to treatment for 3 months, came back out and was a lot healthier + happier after. You probably know her from that story but that's not all she should be known for.

I've been a Lovatic for about 4 years now and my love for her has only grown. Everything she does is either cute/crazy ( or cray cray for you Lovatics out there).  My Lovatic family is amazing. I honestly think that our fanbase is the friendliest. ( Just putting that out there.)

You don't have to love her, you don't have to like her but all I ask is that you respect her. Respect her story and respect who she is. And maybe, once you haters start respecting her, maybe you can listen to her music and relate to it because she has a ton of amazing music.

P.S Happy Skyscraper Day!

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