Sunday, August 05, 2012

hi there.

hi there!

Have you ever spent a lazy Sunday afternoon doing nothing but pigging out and playing on your phone? No? Well, I am. I have no idea what's wrong with my house right now but it's is hot. Like heatwave hot. The funny thing is, it's raining outside so I guess it's cold outside but hot in here. Most of you are probably thinking : "well why not just step outside for a couple of minutes?" Why  not you ask? Well, because I'm wearing my sweats with ketchup stains on it and my hair isn't even brushed.

( I blurred my face out again but the expression on my face is priceless.)
That is what I look like once again.  Oh, and don't worry, I have a Instaweekend post that will go up later tonight. :)

(yes, I am playing Anthill.)


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